The Time Spent Waiting

I need to order up another book on Kindle pretty darned soon, because actually looking at other people when traveling on public transport gets old very quickly.  Most of them are not that attractive, and most of them are not that interesting.  Also, when I take Isabel to her lessons, there’s an hour to wait and nothing to do.

It passed rather quickly  today, though.  I sat a while in the playground, on a bench swing, and watched the little children playing.  Picked and ate a few cherries, two different varieties from two different trees, and it’s two different words in Czech – I can never keep it straight which one is visen and which one is tresen, but the point is, to a native Czech speaker, black cherries and red cherries are not the same fruit at all.

Wrote a poem, which is not a world shaking masterpiece, just a fun, little thing on the different ways life on Earth might end and the various merits of asteroid strike v. extinction of the honeybees v. global warming v. supervolcano, stuff like that.  I thought it was mildly humorous and it wouldn’t have gotten written  if I’d had a book to read but, nonetheless, I need to get  started on reading something.
Also, it would give me something to write this blog about.


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