Helena’s Speech Class

Helena got home late tonight so it was up  to me to make  dinner.   Maybe the kids are used to it a bit more now.  I made cheeseburgers, which they at least didn’t complain about, a plain cucumber and tomato side salad which they ignored entirely, and then we had ice cream and watermelon for desert, because even I  can’t  screw up watermelon and ice cream.

Helena was late because she’s been taking a course on Thursday nights.  Tonight was the  last night, though, and she’s got a neat little diploma that say “Rhetorician” on it.  The course  title  was Rhetoric, but I guess that’s the same as public speaking.

I guess she figures improving her public speaking abilities will come in handy in her job, and it certainly will.  It’s not the main aspect of her job (she’s the marketing manager for the property  development companywhich manages Palladium.), but the need can arise.

I see lots of side  benefits, though.  If you’ve got the confidence and the moxie to speak in front of a group of people, then you’ve got the confidence and moxie to do anything.  Next  thing you know she’ll be bungy jumping an swimming  withvthev



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