So, James Comey, head of the FBI, says Hillary was careless and mishandled e-mails, but he’s not going to prosecute, because he doesn’t think he can get a conviction.  If I recall correctly, that’s the same excuse Democrats in congress used to not impeach George W. Bush.  My first inclination is to say of James Comey what I said of them then.  Weenie.  Loser.  Pathetic coward.

But I’m sure that’s not entirely accurate.  If this campaign has made one thing completely clear, it’s just how rigged and controlled the system is.  Cops don’t denounce other cops, no matter how many civilians they kill, and politicians don’t go after other politicians.  He’s not afraid he couldn’t get a conviction. He’s afraid one would be unavoidable.

We’re at the cottage today  and took a trip with the kids, and Isabel’s friend from school, to a castle, high up on some rocks.  Frydštejn.  I recognized the location once we got close to it.  We were there a couple of years ago, rafting, and I wrote a poem about the campsite, starting with the old weir and working out, with the idea being that rivers, and if fact anything else, divide the universe into two parts, i.e. that which is to one side of them and that which is to the other.  It is in 155 Sonnets.  But, we never saw the castle that time, because we were rafting.

It was a long damned hike up through the forest, quite pretty but I was puffing and panting before we even got started and then it started raining and the kids got way ahead of us and we lost sight of them and when we eventually found them I was super pissed off with them for being irresponsible and getting separated, when the truth of the matter is we just couldn’t keep up with them.  Little mountain goats.

The castle, which was really just a big, rock turret, amazing defensive position, was built in the 13th century and abandoned by the 16th.  Kind of puts things in perspective.


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