Street Festival

Again, it took us until about noon to get out of the house, and then it was to go down to the beach and lounge around for a few hours.  If the purpose of a vacation is to clear your head and recharge your batteries, this vacation has been a huge success.

Isabel and I had a magnificent sand castle going on, with rocks for a back wall, a castle inside a wall with a road to the gate paved in seashells, and two lakes.  But the tide came i.  She fought valiantly to keep it up but it was a lost cause.

Eventually we left the beach and went to the house where most of our party is staying, but when we left there it was with a plan to meat in a cafe for dinner.  That did not happen.

There was a festival going on in the center of town and that provided much better options, both for food and entertainment.  Isabel and I had a pork platter, Sam went for cod balls, and more cod balls, and more cod balls.  I like them O.K., and it’s kind of a national dish, so fair enough.  There were lots of different booths, and the desserts were great.  Apparently, it was like a municipal fundraiser, all the booths were designated for different charities.

Then, just as we were about to leave, a parade of old men with accordions wound their way through the crowd to the stage.  It was a beautiful, Portuguese thing.  I could get used to it here.


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