Home Again

The time line is a bit discombobulated, blogwise, due to travel and lack of the internet gods’ co-operation with me, but here I sit now at my regular writing position in my flat in Prague 8, and adjust to the routine.

Prague is cool and rainy, which is what I need, a few days to recover from the burns, my phone is in rice, hoping for a miracle but I might need a new one, and all the people who said the clams Isabel picked up off the beach would stink when we got home were absolutely right.

It was a great vacation, my head is clearer, I feel psychically rejuvenated, and the body will recover.  We saw some magnificent things – yesterday, the view of Porto from the Eiffel Bridge, for instance – spent some quality time with family, and had some amazing experiences -the climb up the stony river bed to the top of the mountain will stick in my mind forever, both the good and the bad.

One thing that pleases me is that my children are good travelers.  Perhaps not as culinarily experimental as I’d like, but they found things they liked in that department as well.

There was a moment last night at baggage claim that pleased me very much. Helena had become a bit queasy on the flight and was sitting off to the side, as far from people as possible.  Sam said “Go sit with her, we’ll get our own bags.”  A simple thing, but very considerate, and it did make things easier.


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