Murder, She Wrote

Everybody’s all up in arms about Trump’s statement that somebody should shoot Hillary Clinton, at least everybody who’s supporting Clinton.  I’m not saying it’s a justifiable statement.  It was reckless, it was irresponsible, and it was mean spirited.

But one thing I think we should remember is that while Trump makes references to killing people (It was not a joke, because jokes are funny, but I do class it as just the crap that runs out of people’s mouth sometimes), Hillary people has actually had people killed.

Of course, there is the  Iraq War, which she voted for, and the coup in Honduras, and the whole mess in Syria which she did for Israel, lots of people died in all those places.  But I’m talking tonight about the John Ashe/Seth Rich/Shawn Lucas deaths, which I suspect were all murders on behalf of Hillary.
Up until now, I’ve been basing that on motive/opportunity/basic character, which is a formula which might count for something in speculative discourse, but wouldn’t hold up in a court of law.

Now, we have a wee bit more on Seth Rich.  It sounds like he was the one (or one of the ones) sending DNC information to Wikileaks.  So, he was a whistleblower.  So, Hillary Clinton had a very definite, and not at all imaginary,  motive for having him killed.
Not that I expect she will ever be charged, much less convicted.  I don’t imagine she pulled the trigger herself, and the layers of people she has between her and the crime are all professionals.  Still, it’s reason enough to not want her to be president.



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