Lighten Up on Ellen, Folks

I might be offline for a couple of days.  If so, I’ll write another blog before we leave tomorrow morning and then resume when I get back.  Isabel, who is at her friend’s grandmother’s cottage, has an upset stomach and can’t eat – to the point where she was vomiting and they called a doctor.  I suspect it’s nothing (touch wood).  She’s a finicky eater and a bit spoiled in that department, but we’re going to go pick her up.  At least, unless we get a phone call in the morning that she’s feeling fine and not to bother.

Ellen Degeneres sparked a bit of controversy with an Olympics joke that some people said was racist.  She showed an obviously photoshopped photo of her being carried piggy back by Usain Bolt and said “This is how I plan to get around from now on” and some people said that was racist and culturally insensitive.  Usain Bolt wasn’t one of them.  He retweeted the picture, so obviously he thought it was funny.  If he’d been white, the joke would have been the same.  It was a joke about him being FAST.
So, yeah, I think people get bent out of shape over inconsequential thing and it lessens the impact when things happen which are worth getting bent out of shape over.

Like the police continuing to kill black people.

All for tonight.  Keep healthy.


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