Time Travel

Stargate is a TV show I should like.  I love science fiction, and I have no problem with the overly pat premise of having found a portal and going through it to other planets all the time.  There’s just something about  it that rubs me the wrong way.  Maybe because they’ve got these away missions to unexplored  planets where our objective should be, if we have any objective at  all beyond pure research, to establish friendly relations, and yet they move in, armed to the teeth with late 20th weaponry.  Even Kirk was more diplomatic than that.

The other thing is that it’s just shot too  damned  dark.  Hurts my eyes, strains my brain, depresses my mood.  That seems to be the modern way, though.  Zombie movies, werewolf movies, post-apocalyptic shitstorms, all that stuff is shot dark, and lots of the action, it seems, takes place in cellars or caves.
Watched a pretty  good sci-fi action adventure on the movie channel today, though.  Retro, with Jim Belushi as a crazed killer and one woman running away  from him stumbles into the lab where a scientist (working entirely on his own in the middle of the desert) has just invented time travel and he sends her back 10 minutes in time but it makes the situation worse and more people  get  killed so he sends her back again…and again, and you can see where this is going.

At first, I thought I had a pattern figured out, that if you only go back into a short way, then it’s a drama, an action adventure like this, whereas if you go centuries back like Bill and Ted or Time Bandits, then it’s probably a comedy, but I  realized pretty quick that didn’t  pan  out.  The greatest short term time travel movie of  all  time has got to be Groundhog Day, because that’s the greatest movie of all movies of  all  time,  and that’s a comedy.  12 Monkeys and the Terminator movies had people returning from a future that was far enough out that is was unrecognizable, and  those weren’t comedies.
Can’t think of any great dramatic films where they went back centuries right off the top of my head, but Dr. Who does it all the time.  So, basically, everything works.  If the story’s good, it’s all good.


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