The Limits of Obsession

I’m not quite  ready to buy the body double rumors, or the idea that she was poisoned by the Russians, although I am keeping an open  mind.  Putin does dislike Hillary Clinton and I don’t think either one has any particular objection to murdering their opponents.
I don’t think he has motive,  though.  If Hillary dies, he’ll have to deal with President Tim Kain, which would be roughly the same thing.

On the other hand, I’m not buying the flu story, either, which is kind of tragic and sad and makes me seem paranoid and unreasonable because there is nothing at  this point that she can say that I would believe.  I just assume that every word out of her mouth, every statement from her campaign, is complete bullshit.
But, I have often noticed that people who pay no attention to politics whatsoever, which I tend to view as some sort of moral deficit, like they’re not doing due  diligence, are happier than those of us who obsess over it.

They say “it doesn’t matter, they’re all crooks” and I must admit, except for Bernie Sanders, who ran up against a brick wall, they are right.

I don’t think humanity is completely doomed, though.  Despite the corruption of politicians and the missed opportunity of having a better society, which is an opportunity we’ve been missing for the last 10,000 years or so, at least, things continue to improve, even as things are falling apart.  Science moves forward, the stream of new art, and music, and literature, continues to flow, and so on.


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