Trump and Hitler

I wrote a comment on Facebook, back in May or June, that if Hillary got the nomination all we were going to hear from August through November was ‘lesser of two evils.’  I have never been more right about anything.
I just read an article (from ‘ entitled “Vote for the Lying Neoliberal Warmonger: It’s Important.”
Well, that argument may convince enough people to vote for Clinton to make her  president.  Maybe not.  But, the point is, even some of the people who are voting for her admit she’s a lying neoliberal (I think that means ‘not really liberal’) warmonger.  It’s a hell of a thing.

Another aspect of this election (which I failed to predict) is that Godwin’s Law has  been so blatantly violated by both sides that it’s pretty  much meaningless any more (Godwin’s Law:  first person to accuse their opponent of being like Hitler loses the argument)  The Common Dreams article totally went there, and I’ve  heard plenty of other Hillary supporters comparing Trump to Hitler.

So, let  me  point out some of the differences. (warning:  Hitler generally comes off better in  these comparisons.  That does not mean I’m endorsing Hitler. I’m half Jewish, and I keep that fact in mind.)

  1. Trump dodged the draft with a bullshit medical excuse.  I don’t  blame him, actually.  I dodged the draft  by  just forgetting to register until after  it was canceled, which happened shortly after I turned 18.  Nobody wanted to go to Viet Nam.  But, Hitler served  in WWI.  He served in combat, he was injured, and he was one of those weird individuals who actually sort of got into it.  He was a war monger and an inhuman monster, but  he  wasn’t hypocritical or cowardly about it.
  2. Listen to  their speeches.  I don’t  even speak German, but I can hear the flow, the cadence, the way the words and the gestures go together in Hitler’s speeches.  As a speechmaker, he ranks right up there with Barack Obama, Winston Churchill, or maybe even Martin Luther King, Jr.  An artist.
    Donald Trump, on the other hand, has a smaller vocabulary than Kanye West.  He just repeats the same stupid shit over and over again.  He is so deep in  Dunning-Krueger territory that anybody with an IQ of more than two digits realizes he’s  a moron.
  3. Hitler did, once  elected, kick German industry into high gear.  He invented the Volkswagen, limited access roads, and made rocketry a big thing.  Everybody admits this – the  space race began with Hitler.  Donald Trump, on the other hand, managed to lose money running a casino.  A casino.  A  place where customers come in and put quarters into machines, one after another.  If Hitler had been Trump, his invasion of Poland  would  have wound up in Albania,  lost and wandering in the mountains.
    In short, Donald Trump is no Hitler.  More like  George W. Bush.  Which is pretty  horrible, but not enough to get me to vote for Hillary Clinton.  She’s the one I’m afraid of.

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