I do not keep up with trends much, it’s just too much effort and once you’re not single there is no reason to be cool and in and giving all that up is actually a bit of a relief, so I don’t know the names of all the musical groups out there and stuff, but I’m watching VH1 at the moment because there’s nothing else on TV that doesn’t suck, 3 out of 4 of the Discovery Channels have shows about cars and my opinion about cars is the sons of bitches should be banned and we should develop a society that runs on high speed trains, electric buses for short hops, and bicycles.
So, I’ve noticed a trend in music videos lately of putting the lyrics into the video, and this is a trend I totally approve of.  Of course, it isn’t going to work with every video, if every other word is fuck there really isn’t much point, if most of the words are la la la la, it’s also kind of unnecessary but I have seen that, maybe they’re being ironic, but usually you see it when the lyrics are actually trying to say something, they have some value, they are like…poetry.
Which is to say that poetry is not dead, it’s just that spoken word poetry has a hard time competing with spoken word poetry that’s set to music, because music is an addition to the art form, it in no way reduces from it.  Art builds on art.


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