Tonight’s Poetry Reading

Just got back from a poetry reading, not the usual one I go to, not the Alchemy series, but a different one, not far from Namesti Miru, on Budečska, where Watson’s School of English used to be located, many years ago. It was billed as a multi-lingual event, and it sure was that. One girl read a poem in Czech, one guy read a poem in Farsi, and there were several in French, and the organizer was French, and most of the audience was French.
It’s a beautiful language and I love hearing it even though I don’t speak it nearly as well as I used to, most of the poems I couldn’t understand much but I could understand a word here and there and I got a chance to practice speaking a little bit about it, but the main thing about the reading that differentiated it from the ones I usually go to was the musical accompaniment. One guitar, but it changed my poetry from drab words on paper into an event. I’d like to have that at all my readings from now on.
Then, we had a break and we went outside to smoke a joint and suddenly we were in a circle with 4 or 5 joints going around it, like in the good old days. The second half bought a lot of shy poets out of the woodwork, one who was a bit long winded, one who had a surprisingly dark and morbid poem about Brexit, one old guy with very nice, sentimental rhyming poetry.
It felt, the atmosphere, the vibe in the air, was very neo-Greenwich Village. I’m hoping it becomes a regular deal.


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