An Awkward Moment

Well, that was silly. Here’s what happened:
Helena has started taking tennis lessons, which actually makes my life easier overall, so tonight’s screwup is small potatoes in the larger scheme of things. It means that instead of taking Isabel to tennis and waiting there for an hour and walking her home, which I don’t usually enjoy much because there’s nothing in their cafe including, most of the time, service and it’s starting to get cool enough (not to mention already pitch dark) so waiting outside is not an option and there’s no place to go but the cafe, I can just drop her off and go home, and then she comes home with Helena.
Well, I’d come home and Helena was just about to go, when I stepped out to the balcony to smoke a well deserved joint, not that I did anything special today, but everybody deserves a good joint now and again. She looked out, said she was leaving, and shut the balcony door, which she always does, hates the smell inside the flat, and she locked it. Which she also does, sometimes, but when somebody’s at home it’s no big deal, the do let me back in.
I didn’t realize it at first, as I said, I was smoking a joint, and I watched as she left the building and walked to the car, feeling good about having a bit of extra free home time instead of waiting around for Isabel to finish her lesson. I watched a few people coming and going, listened to a passing railroad train, let my thoughts wander. Then I finished my joint, turned to go back in, and realized I was locked out.
I considered calling her, but the phone was inside. I considered trying to find a way to break in, but couldn’t think of any that didn’t involve broken glass, so gave up on that idea. Fortunately, it was not a cold evening. A bit chilly, I was not wearing shoes but,fortunately, I did have socks. And a short sleeved shirt. But, there’s a window across the front and I could have closed it if I had wanted to. Actually, the space could be converted into a nice winter garden if we didn’t have it so cluttered with junk.
Anyway, I had to wait for Sam to get home from football to let me in, which was about 45 minutes. There was nothing to do, and nothing to get done. A bit of unplanned mandatory down time. Kind of pleasant, actually. But, I’ll try not to repeat the experience.


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