Congratulations, Cubs!

Well, congratulations to the Chicago Cubs. It’s been a long time coming and I guess they deserve it.
I mean, I don’t know. I know next to nothing about baseball and care less than that. It’s one of the world’s most boring games – not as boring as cricket, or golf, but that isn’t saying much.
But I assume the players (on both teams) worked their asses off for years, practicing, practicing, practicing, and on game day they gave it all they had. And I haven’t heard anything yet about cheating, although I suppose there may have been some. Like I say, I wouldn’t know.
And the baseball fans, watching in the stands,watching in the sports bars all across the country, watching in their homes; none of them trying to deny the other team’s fans their right to participate,very few of them, I imagine, calling their opponent’s fans morons, or sexists, or fascists.
As much as I’m disinterested in baseball, I must admit it’s about a million times less harmful to humanity than politics.
So, congratulations,Chicago. Better luck next time, Cleveland. Neither of you bombed, killed,tortured,imprisoned, suppressed or even lied to anybody. More power to you.


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