Just slightly over a week before the inaugurination, and we have another streaming scandal about the president peelect.
First, let me state for the record that there’s no real evidence that Yellowatergate (I didn’t coin that phrase, I borrowed it) is true. No more than there is that the Russians hacked the election, anyway. For the former, you’d have to put your faith in Buzzfeed (and even they issued disclaimers) and for the latter, you’d have to trust the CIA.
But it is totally believable, in keeping with his nasty, malicious nature, and funny as hell.
The story that’s out there is this: that Donald Trump stayed in a Moscow hotel where the Obamas had stayed and paid money to an unspecified number of Russian prostitutes to pee on the bed where they’d slept. Which part of this is hard to believe? That he would vandalize a hotel room? I totally believe that. There are even people I admire who’ve done that. That he would take vindictive pleasure in seeing someone urinate on the Obamas’ bed? It’s weird, but I believe it. There are people with such weird obsessions, I suspect it goes back to childhood, some fault in the way they were raised. It’s rather like a dog marking his territory. A very primitive mindset, but we knew that. That he would pay prostitutes? Well, I hope they demanded payment in advance, because he also has a reputation for ordering work done and then not paying for it.
As with a goodly number of scandals I would like to see more information released. Until then, I’ll keep making jokes about it, because it’s funny and since Donald “Golden Showers” Trump has not always been so honest himself, I don’t see why I should be held to a higher standard.


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