Booker Blows it Big Time

A lot of people are upset about the betrayal of old and sick people by certain members of the Democratic Party, and rightfully so.
Here’s the deal. Bernie Sanders proposed an amendment (his specialty) which would have allowed Americans to import drugs from Canada, where they are way cheaper, like half the price or less, because American drug companies are money sucking leeches. 13 Democrats jumped over and joined the Republicans and voted against it.
I repeat. It was in favor of letting people buy drugs, at a lower price, by importing them from Canada, which is a very nice place.
Now, I don’t know what this was an amendment TO, but that’s kind of irrelevant. Both sides try to attach amendments to bills they don’t like, bills they will probably vote against anyway, because then if the bill passes, it sucks a little bit less, and if the bill doesn’t pass, well, O.K.
Corey Booker’s (D- Big Pharma)bullshit excuse doesn’t wash, either, which is that he was concerned about safety. Yeah, right. That’s about as much of a straw man as voter fraud, with its 5 or 6 reported incidents since,like,forever. There has been no epidemic of Canadians dying from tainted medicine.
On the other hand, it’s not hard to find out why these 13 Democrats voted the way the did. Every single one of them- let me repeat that, every single one, without exception, has received large ‘campaign contributions’ from pharmaceutical companies. Every. Single. One.
Now, political corruption is nothing new, and it’s hardly surprising. The thing that amazes me, and depresses me, every time something like this happens, is how cheap they actually sell out.
The highest paid hooker in the whorehouse is, in this case, Patty Murray of Washington, who got a tad under half a million dollars. Booker was in the top 3 or 4, certainly. Poor Maria Cantwell, also of Washington, only got paid 59,000 for voting to let poor, elderly people die. I’m not sure if she was less greedy, more needy, or just later to the game.
Add all the numbers together, though, and you realize that it’s cheaper to buy the United States congress, like all of it, than it is to own an NFL team, or to produce a major Hollywood movie. Out of reach of the average person, of course, but withing the reach of hundreds, maybe thousands of individual Americans.
We aren’t just being screwed because Trump is going to be president. The rot goes much deeper than that.


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