Deal Breaker

I just unfriended a friend from real life, a guy I’ve known since High School. I was sorry to do it, because in real life he actually is a nice guy. Friendly, fun, outgoing, generous, a great musician.
I was willing to even put up with the fact that he’s a Trump supporter and an Obama hater, which had surprised me. I guess we’d never discussed politics before. You get together with your friends, you have a few beers, smoke a joint or two, it doesn’t always come up. You talk about friends, you talk about family. He liked to talk about motorcycles a lot. That’s cool. I’m not a motorcycle person, but I can understand why some people are. The lure of the open road, the power of a well tuned machine, all that.
Likewise, the subject of race never came up. We’re both white, so why should it. As a professional musician, I’m sure he worked with black people, and I just can’t imagine him being rude to anybody in real life, but he sure hates Obama, in a visceral way.
But when he said (I think it was directed at somebody else, I’m not sure, but it might as well have been directed at me) “Don’t come onto my page and start spreading your liberal garbage” I unfriended him.
See, there’s this feature on Facebook called “comments,” and it’s called comments because it’s analogous to comments in real life. You post what you want to post and then other people get to say what they think about it. Sort of like a conversation. People might present a different point of view, or state facts which show how your original position is mistaken, or just about anything, really.
You may not like my comments. You may think my comments are full of shit. You may even be right, sometimes. But when you tell me you don’t want to hear my comments, that you don’t want me to comment in your presence, then I don’t see any reason to hang around.


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