Two Half Baked Movie Reviews

I enjoy movies about clashes of cultures, and last night we watched a cute film, Sam’s recommendation, called The Hundred Foot Journey, which was a food movie, and I wouldn’t have thought it something that would interest him at all, so I suspect maybe some girl at school recommended it to him, because that’s why boys do most things.
It was the story of an Indian family who moved to England after the mother died, but England didn’t really work for them and so they moved to France and then their brakes failed and they nearly crashed and wound up in this spot in the French countryside and that was the establishing scene, you knew they would stay in that village and you knew that the hero would wind up with the pretty girl who helped tow their car to a service station, it was all very predictable, but that was also the lovely scenery part.
Then the father found the perfect spot for their restaurant but it was a dump which led to a fix-it-up montage scene with Indian music, but the problem was that across the road was the big, snobby restaurant, whose owner took an instant dislike to them and this led to a restaurant war which was the comedy part of the film.
But, the son, which surprises nobody because it was clearly announce in the very first scene of the movie, turns out to be a total genius of a chef and that leads to the rags and riches part of the story where he moves to Paris and becomes an acclaimed chef, and a bit of an arrogant jerk, but he misses the little village and especially the girl, and comes back and there is peace between the two restaurants and everybody lives happily ever after.
It’s like Ratatouille, but with humans. Cute, but I’d never say it was a must see.
Then, tonight, Helena wanted to watch My Big, Fat Greek Wedding II, which I found to be totally unwatchable. Some movies just should not have sequels, and that was one.

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