A Solution to the Refugee Problem

One of the great results of Bernie Sanders’ candidacy was that he dispelled the myth of America being a right wing country. I was overjoyed to join the ranks of the Berners, and to realize how many of them there were, how many people felt like me, how many took positions that I’d started to think of as my own, kind of crazy positions.
We didn’t win, but we are awakened, we are aroused, and we are more or less united. We’ll be back, and back, and back until we do win.
Now, with Trump’s Muslim Ban and all of the protests against it, I am starting to realize that another idea I had considered to be a micro-minority position, one which I didn’t even talk about much, has millions and millions of adherents. That position is simply this: We are one world, and there should be no borders.
Of course, I know it’s not going to happen overnight and I can understand (although I disagree) the position of those who say keep ’em out. Some are racist assholes, sure, some have real concerns. Any country that flings its doors open wide, that says ‘Come on in!’ is going to have some serious overburdening of their social system, i.e. schools and hospitals and stuff like that. Short term, at least. Others are concerned about their local culture being overshadowed. I find that a weak argument. If everybody prefers a good Doner Kebab to whatever your plaster bland, meat and potato cuisine has to offer, maybe it’s time to raise your game.
So, it’s a problem. Here’s my solution, although I’m sure it has no chance of being implemented:

The United States has military bases in over a hundred countries around the world, and a heavy concentration of them in countries which have the most refugees, because those are the countries we’ve been bombing like crazy and just generally making life intolerable in. Most of those bases, I’m sure, have running water for showers and toilets and drinking and stuff, and electricity, and kitchens, and medical facilities. All of the stuff that’s needed for a refugee center. So, there’s your plan. Convert all U.S. bases into refugee centers, have the soldiers at those bases stop going out to kill people and start defending those people who show up, empty handed. Safer for the U.S. soldiers, too, which I’m sure they’d appreciate.
Give the incoming refugees jobs, making vegetable gardens, erecting new homes, doing all the things they need to do to establish a new life, and don’t bomb them or shoot them because they are now in a refugee center, where they were never allowed to bring in any weapons in the first place.
If the bases are overrun, expand them a bit, they’re mostly surrounded by desert. Continue until problem is solved.


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