Miracles of Modern Science

Sergi Santos, a sex robot designer (yes, that is an actual job description) has come up with a new twist: a sexbot that can play hard to get. Here’s the video: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3115956/meet-samantha-and-artificially-intelligent-sex-robot-who-really-likes-to-be-kissed/
Basically, if you’re touching her on the arms or hips, you might get some sexy chat, that’s somewhere between ‘family’ and ‘romantic’ modes (his terms, not mine), but you can turn on her inner sex machine with a kiss. Now, if you watch the video (which, if you’re expecting something sexy, don’t), when the designer says ‘she will respond to a kiss,’ he reaches over with his hand to pry her mouth open. It was the unsexiest damned thing I’ve ever seen.
I thought to myself, ‘He needs a 4th mode.’ In addition to ‘family,’ ‘romantic,’ and ‘sexy,’ she should maybe have an ‘educational’ mode. In my head, I was saying it sarcastically, but as soon as I said it I realized what a great idea that is.
Future sex robots (of both genders) will function much as a driving (or flying) simulator does today. You’ll even be able to get a certificate. “This certifies that Joe Jones has achieved level 8 in the art of cunnilingus” for instance, or “Charlie Smith can correctly locate the significant erotic points on the female body.” In the future, if you’re out on a date with a girl (a real one) they may ask (demand) to see your certificate before they take you home.
I’m not sure if that will make the world a better place, or a worse one. But I am quite seriously predicting that’s one way they will be used.


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