Hey, Mr. Gore Suck

Well, let’s see what’s new in the news. Once beloved TV has been Rachel Maddow claims that a Bernie Sanders site was being run from Albania. Well, could be, I suppose. There were like thousands of pro-Sanders sites. It didn’t take too much to set one up. Doesn’t really make much difference. The action is in the comments and it would have been pretty much the same as for any other site.

Al Franken and Sheldon Whitehouse, neither of whom are in my political good books at the moment, got in some pretty good digs at Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Whitehouse brought up the very real and needed to be mentioned fact that sleazy, right wing Republican donors have spent, between stonewalling Garland and now backing Gorsuch (I’d never heard the name spoken until about half an hour ago, so I’ve been pronouncint it Gore Suck, which I think is better) somewhere in the neighborhood of $17 million, which is a pretty nice neighborhood. Franken brought up a case where Gere Suck ruled against a truck driver who abandoned his trailer because he was freezing to death. The story makes sense if you her the whole story, but I try to limit this blog to 500 words, max., so i’m not going into it.

I hope the Al Franken has finally found his balls (hint – they were in Hillary’s handbag), and Whitehouse, too, and they will somehow find the votes to impeach. I doubt it, though.


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