The ACA is Here to Stay!

It seems as if the movement to repeal and replace Obamacare with going back to the old way and what’s more give rich people a whole bunch more money, because why not, has been withdrawn.
I don’t want to gloat and snicker just yet because there is always the chance of some last minute trick, Republicans are good at the sleazy tricks. However, withdrawn is not postponed and it looks as if they’re going to have to go back to the old drawing board and write a bill which does not so blatantly leave old people to die, before they try to do it again.
Withdrawn means they didn’t even have close to the votes, it wasn’t even going to be a dramatic roll – call.
I’m not going to predict what happens next. Some days I think Republicans are just plain, ordinary, greedy politicians, in which case this will all go away as they focus on some other issue, and continue to prattle on about how Obamacare is ruining everybody’s lives. They will continue to threaten to repeal it, but those threats will gradually lesson both in frequency and in volume until they are as forgotten a piece of American history as the Know-Nothings.
However, the Republicans, as of the last couple of decades, have a habit of exposing themselves, without even much pressure, as being evil, twisted,misanthropic wretches. It’s like watching 6 year olds playing soccer; there are a lot of own goals. If that’s the side of their Jekyll and Hideness that comes up dominant in the next few weeks, then we’re in for a long fight.


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