Turing Test, Part II

In the race to develop AI, the emphasis should be on  the I and not on the A.  In fact, any new kind of intelligence would  be  useful, whether it is artificial, newly evolving, or maybe  just  something that’s been right in front of our noses all along.

Of course, in the early days of the internet, everybody thought  that once all the knowledge of the world was online and accessible, we’d have all the problems of the world  solved.  Which is what  an AI could do.
Or we think it could do.

What if we had a machine so  intelligent that when  we posed the question: How can we transform the world into a perfect  place for humans to live, with plenty of fresh water in  all the right places, nice homes, high speed public transportation, clean  energy, nice schools pre-k through grad school all the world around, low hours of work at dead easy jobs and lots of vacation time, excellent health care leading to centuries long life spans, and a bit of space travel?, it would spit  out  the answer, or a range of answers, complete with floor plans, blue prints, construction schedules and a day by day checklist of how we get from now to then.  Would we listen?

I don’t  know, but it would sure beat the hell out of the Turing Test for proof of intelligence.


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