The Circle

Basically, all  I  wanted to do this afternoon was sit around the  flat and get high, but we had two coupons for the cinema and Sam said he wanted to  see  something call ‘The Circle,’ which I immediately looked up.  Emma Watson, that’s a good point.  Tom Hanks, that’s another.  Plot, innocent girl starts work  at high tech  firm, realizes they are totally evil and does something about it, sort of like Tom  Cruise in The Firm.  Check, sounds like my kind of film.  Then I  saw that the critics rated it at 14% and audiences only a bit higher.  Oh, well, like I  say: we had the coupons.

It wasn’t a bad movie.  While I’m glad we didn’t spend money on it, I’m not unhappy to have seen it.  It didn’t actually lower my  IQ, as some of them will nowadays.  The plot was good enough, The Circle is a mega-popular social media company/cult that wants to take over  the world and  force  everybody in the world to  think alike and they almost get away  with it until Emma Watson gives a really great speech at the  end and all the people who thought she was a geek now think she’s awesome, and the world will  now  live  happily ever after.
The weakest part of the film, and I hate to say  it, was Emma Watson.  I loved her in the Harry Potter films, and I’ve heard reports that  she is astounding in Beauty and the Beast, but I just couldn’t get a grasp on her supposed personality in this.  She just seemed kind of always down.
One of the bright parts was the girl who  was her best friend. I forget the actress’s name, but she was Amy Pond in Dr. Who.

So, see it.  Or don’t  It really  won’t make any difference to the world what  you do.


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