Fab Fun Facts

One of my birthday presents was a handy dandy paperback  book by the  name  of Fab Fun Facts, which  isn’t really a  book in the sense that somebody  wrote  something original and put some thought  into  it, or anything like that.

I get the feeling that it was more a question  of the editor looking at one of  his  staff writers, and saying ‘we need a meaningless book, put together a list of interesting  trivia points,  2  sentences or less  and less  is better.  And  then the  writer went  to google and  put together such a list.

Also, it was written in Danish and then translated into English, so put all this together and you’ve got  lots of typos, which I noticed  before I’d even opened the book  because there was one right there on  the cover Women’s hearts  beats  faster than  men’s.

Typos grammar mistakes, and I caught at least two factual errors.  “1776 was the last  year  in which none of the world’s nations were at war,” and “Before carrots were orange, they were purple” which is a gross oversimplification from the version I’d heard, which is that they used to exist in many colors, and that makes sense because you have to have something  to cross-breed the purple carrots WITH before you get the magic orange.  Also, there was pretty definitely a war going on and one of the sides (hint: Britain) was among the world’s nations in 1776.

Still, it was good enough to use with my gymnasium students, and I learned that 40% of those who died on  the Titanic were crew,  90% of babies prefer the right breast, Rene Descartes had a thing for  cross-eyed women, and Nicole Kidman is afraid of  butterflies.

It’s like “learn something new every day” on steroids.


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