Movie Night

Kind of a slow, relaxing Saturday, the family  went to IKEA, I stayed home and finished a book, which really meant writing short section introductions and checking the spacing to make sure no poems got cut into two  pieces.


So, I watched ‘Arrivals’ by  myself.  Well, not entirely by myself.  Helena was good enough to watch it  with  me, but she wasn’t really  paying attention  and didn’t enjoy it much.  But, still, she stayed in the same room and made some attempt to figure out  what was going on, so I’m thankful for that.

I quite enjoyed it.  There wasn’t a lot going on through most of the film.  The army  boys were such stereotypes that I  kept  expecting to see the classic 50s sci-fi alien movie cliche where the soldiers all  fire at  the alien, but either a force field goes  up or the bullets  just bounce off and then they zap some poor sap, they   light  up and you  can see their skeleton and then they drop down dead, but nothing like that happened.    The biggest action was the scene where she snatched the guys phone (biggest prick in the place, don’t recall his title exactly), and security tracked her down.

But, that’s O.K.  It focused on the language, which will be a huge barrier if we ever do manage to contact aliens and it  would behoove us to recall how easy  it is to get confused between tool and weapon,  and what a costly mistake that  can be.

As an English teacher, I loved her methodology.  ‘Ian Walks.’  Hah.

Then, of course, the ending, which I  didn’t quite see coming.  So, I won’t spoil it.


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