The Example of Kimberly Ellis

I’ve been going back and forth in my mind lately, like for the last 8 months or so, between Demexit and Dementer, i.e. do I stay or do I go, can we make more of a difference politically by staying in the Democratic Party and trying to change it, despite the DNC having made it very clear that they don’t want to change, that they would prefer to continue losing elections rather than get behind universal health care, a $15 an hour minimum wage, free college, and transitioning to a greener economy (which would provide all the jobs you could ever ask for) or leaving it to start a 3rd party, which hasn’t successfully been done in American politics since 1861.
I’d been leaning toward the 3rd party scenario, actually, long shot though it seems to be, but today’s events in California have forced me to take another look.

The vote was for the chairmanship of the state Democratic party.  Normally, this is one of those elections average folk don’t turn up for.  Actually, today’s vote was like that, too. It was the 3,000 delegates to the state convention who voted.  The choice was between Eric Bauman, a scumbag tool of big pharma who has fought to keep prescription drug prices high, and Berniecrat Kimberly Ellis.

It was close, almost like Iowa primary close. The press has  covered it as  a  win for Bauman, another fuck you to the people, but there are two things that give me hope.  First, it wasn’t even expected to be close.  This is the kind of election the party bigwigs have, and expect to go their way.  After all, it’s only one state out of 50, and not nearly as important an election as the primary fight coming up between Berniecrat Stephen Jaffe and botoxed old loser Nancy  Pelosi.  But Berniecrats have been busy, and they are fighting on every front.

Second, and this is the big one, Kimberly Ellis is not conceding without a fight.  There are a couple of reasons to think it might have been  fraud, outside of the bare fact that we’re dealing with the old guard of the DNC, and fraud is practically written into  their DNA.  First, the fact that  about halfway  through  the tally, Ellis was leading, about 60-40.  Secondly, that no ID’s were checked and the vote was  kind of sloppy.

But the important thing to me is just that she is not conceding.  She is doing what maybe Bernie should have done after New York, maybe after Arizona.  Hell, probably after Iowa.  Lawyering up.  Causing a stink.  Not playing nice.

We are in for a long, hard fight but I can’t see leaving the field when we’ve got leaders like Kimberly Ellis who are willing to dig in and fight for us.  It would be terribly wrong to quit now.


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