What’s Up With Melania?

Pictures don’t lie, they say, and of course  that’s not  true.  They can be taken out of context, they can be  altered, and it’s always, ultimately, as easy to misread body language in a  picture or a video as it is  in real  life, and it’s frequently done in real life.

Nevertheless, I think I’m on  fairly safe ground when I  say that something’s up  with  Melania Trump.  There’s this incident: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/rome-melania-refuses-hold-president-trump-hand-article-1.3189303

That was in Rome, and if you focus on that one frame, that one split second, where Donald reaches to take her hand, a natural, husbandly  gesture while getting off the plane  and walking down the stairs.  (What’s with that, anyway?  Ordinary people have been walking from plane directly to airport on jetways since the 1960s) and she pulled her hand away.  She played it  off like she was brushing her hair back, but look at that second.  As soon as his hand brushed hers, or as soon as it was  in close enough proximity to trip her sensors, her hand pulled  back as if she’d just touched  an electric fence.  Recoiled is far too  tame a word.
Same thing  happened  a couple of days ago, at a different international airport.  There, there was actually a swat, as if of a mildly irritating bug.

Both of them indicated less than a loving marriage, but in a very different way than the video that went sort of viral after the inauguration, when Donald turned to her, said something, and the smile dropped  from her face  and her head  went down.   That was submission, that was fear, and that was resentment.

These two incidents were more like “Don’t touch me, you fat pig, and don’t you even think about  sleeping with me.”  I could be wrong, I  do not completely understand the motives of the rich and famous, but it seems to me something has  changed, and Melania now has the upper hand.

Maybe she senses her husband’s imminent demise, and is starting to think about how much she’ll get as ex-wife # 3. Maybe she’s just decided she’s taken enough of  his crap, and isn’t putting up with it anymore.  Maybe she found out that the pee tape is real and is totally  grossed out that he’s into that kind of thing.  Maybe(oh, I hope this is true, even though I  just made it up) she’s co-operating with the investigation.  Hoo boy, wouldn’t that be a kick in the crotch for  old  Cheeto Head.

I don’t know.  Watch the tapes, and see what you think.


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