You can’t survive without balance.  We can live on planet Earth because there is  the right balance between Oxygen and whatever else there  is in  air, it’s exactly what we breathe.  The plants that are good for us to  eat grow out of the Earth’s soil, and the Earth’s water is  the perfect  thing for  humans to drink.

But these things can change.  A long, long time ago, like about 4 or 5 billion years  ago, which is so far back  the  dinosaurs wouldn’t show up  for another couple of billion years, in fact it was only a couple of billion years after the birth of the planet, single-celled creatures took over the world.  They didn’t have  any predators, since  nothing else had evolved yet.  They emitted oxygen, because it was toxic to them.  Now, I don’t know  exactly how they ’emitted’ it, but a fart is an emission, so I’m saying that.
Soon, or at any rate soon as long as we’re taking in terms of billions of years, which is truly a lot of years, they had emitted enough oxygen that that became the main element of the air, and these little creatures all  died, paving  the way for us.

Now, we’ve invented  automobiles and power plants and factories to pump carbon fumes into  the air,  and the whole  thing could happen again.  You’d think we’d be smarter than single-celled organisms, but apparently not.


Very curious to see what’s going to happen in the Montana house race, but I don’t think Gianforte’s punching   a reporter is going to make much of a difference.  50% of the votes had already been cast, and I’m sure a lot of people who will actually waited  till today, voting day, to vote have mostly made up their minds.

But here’s an optimistic thought as I go  to  bed.  Maybe the reason he snapped and flailed out is  because he knew he was losing;.  Let it be so.


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