The Nation’s Capitol

Had a very nice breakfast at our hotel in Baltimore and hit the road by about  9 a.m.  Traffic was a bit heavy but not insanely heavy, not New York heavy.  Got into D.C., parked near our Air B and B (parking also is not as nuts as in New York, where wherever there is a free parking space, it is suddenly not a free parking space, it’s like trying to be the 7th caller to a radio station to get free tickets to a concert), walked to the Metro station (we would have just parked there if we’d known  how far it was, and headed into town.

People here have been outrageously co-operative in friendly.  Guy approached me in the Metro and tried to beg 50cents, a guy who worked at the station came over and chased him away, like in a how dare you pull that shit in my station kind of way.  This evening, we went out for dinner, the kids wanted Pizza Hut and we got there and realized it was only take away, and as we were walking away and a girl leaned out of her car and said “Are you looking for a Pizza Hut where you can sit down?” and directed us to one.  We are pretty much the only white faces in a black neighborhood, and everybody has been nice  as pie.

Took the train to L’Enfant Plaza, on the map it looks like it’s easy to get to the mall from  there but, with the exception of the mall itself, this is not a pedestrian friendly city.  Fences everywhere, too.  There is a chain link fence right across the middle of the reflecting pool!

The highlight of the day, an amazingly cool coincidence, was when we ran into my niece, Michelle, who was out jogging with her friend.  We know she’d be in D.C. at the same time we were but it was just a flying visit for both of us and we didn’t think we’d meet up but there they were, right outside the Smithsonian.  So, we went to lunch with them at the buffet in the American Indian History Museum.  Then we finally made it to the mall and had a nice walk along it, saw the Lincoln Memorial, then walked over to the White House and then we were done.  It was time to check into our room, but when I say done, I mean done in.  It was a blazing hot day and we are all a bit burnt.


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