A Blast From the Past

Today was the day  we went into Des Moines and contacted a few of my old friends. (anybody I missed, sorry, time was short)  We also did a tour of downtown Des Moines, which has changed a lot since the last time I was here, which was 20 years ago, and even more since I actually lived here, which is probably almost 40 years ago.

First, we stopped at Randy’s house, which  I think I think is the same place he’s been living for years, and he gave us good directions, but I lost an argument with  the GPS system, and we wound up lost in the streets of Southwest Des Moines (when we should have been in the Southeast).  But, we got there and had a good talk.  He’s someone I’ve known since sandbox days, so we had a lot to reminisce about and he remembered some things I’d forgotten about, like the time my parents were out of town and I took the old Ford Econoline without permission, and I was still very new to the whole driving thing and had trouble getting up a hill.
Then, after lunch at Taco Bell, we looked up Russ, and he took us on a walking tour of downtown Des Moines, we walked across a couple of the new pedestrian bridges over the river and enjoyed the river walk and the Asian Gardens, and then through  the East Village, which was not a thing when I lived there, it was just ‘that area on the East Side below the Capitol building where most of the buildings are kind of derelict’ but now it’s the new, cool place and we stopped at Molly’s cupcakes, where the barstools are swings, and the cupcakes were awesome and Sam said the ice cream was, too.

We eventually got hold of Val and he said ‘I’ll be right there’ and jumped on his Harley and met us in front of the Science Center (which was a new thing) and then we all went to a restaurant called Hessen Haus, which was supposedly German but it was just a trendy place with a German theme (Bavarian Nachos…never mind, they were great nachos) and had a sampler of appetizers…the nachos, fried pickles, and Armadillo Eggs, which were not eggs, had nothing to do with armadillos, but were delicious, and contained jalapeno peppers, which is always good.

It was great to see them all  and they all reminded me of incidents I’d forgotten about.  It was a blast, and it was from the past, and there you have it.


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  1. DW

    You went to DM and ate at Taco Bell? Are you crazy? One does not go to DM and not eat Tasty Tacos!

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