It’s stinking hot and hard to sleep, the little fan on the table is very nearly worthless and so it is hard to sleep, and that’s why I’m still up at 1 a.m., I wouldn’t mind at all if it would rain tomorrow, but I’ve got no actual indicator that it will.

Got back to routine today, a little bit, had one lesson this morning, riding the Metro there and back felt very nice having the contrast on New York (why don’t they have any ventilation – people are sweating down there – and what’s up with the loudspeakers?  I thought this little problem of clear sound had been settled, but the announcements in New York still sounded like somebody speaking from the bottom of a half full bag of potato chips) and D.C., which Sam preferred because ‘they keep it dark  in all the stations.’  My son is a bit strange, I sometimes think.

Prague Metro, by comparison, is clean, uncrowded, clear and unconfusing, efficient, and very, very affordable.

Then, I had a poetry reading tonight but all I had written was a little two liner and one half baked idea, but I  put it back in the oven and brought it out full  baked, and wrote another short one that  I was actually quite pleased with.  Short, but not graffiti short, nicely rhyming and it made a good point, i.e. with  so many people in  the world it’s a damned good thing that we don’t all have the same biorhythms, we manage to survive without all going nuts and killing each other like rats in  some perverted experiment because we are living on timeshare Earth and half the people in the world can safely ignore the other half.

Anyway, 1:15 and I’m done because this is bloody ridiculous.  Good night.

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