Another Trip Over, Another Trip Done

Tonight is our last night in Krakow,  the mini-vacation comes to an  end.  It has been a  very intense three days of sights and sensations (Poles consider borscht, or barsht as they call  it, to be something you drink, not eat, so, even  though it is soup, they serve it in a cup with no spoon), but today was so bloody hot I am knocked out, woozy, and ready to head home.

The trip highlights  will be  filed  in the memory bank – the park that completely encircles the  Old Town  Square, or rather the 3 squares that make  up the Old Town Square, the Salt Mine, the fruit and  vegetable market, the fire breathing dragon at Wawel castle, my niece asking me “Why do you always speak English with your family?” and the English lesson that followed, the ice cream, the ice cream that makes the heat bearable and the tensions of herding a bunch of little kids around a crowded tourist town fade away, and more.

Tomorrow we’ll leave  here about  10 a.m., should  be in the Czech Republic in just a couple of hours and back  home in Prague by tomorrow night.
But, if anybody reading this  is thinking of visiting Krakow – I totally recommend it, this is an awesome city.


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