Follow Up

I get frustrated that the world does not work the way it should.  When clearly guilty people do not get charged (i.e. police caught on  camera murdering people), when good ideas get  ignored (why aren’t driverless cars all over the roads already?  Why aren’t all  supermarket parking lots covered with solar panels?  Why don’t all schools  have vegetable gardens?) or when news stories of tremendous import just disappear, without any resolution (nobody talks about Guantanamo any more – but it still exists)

There are a couple  of others in that category that I wonder about.  Whatever happened about that list of over 200 stars which were sending out weird signals, which were discovered by two scientists (Bora and Trottier) at a university in Canada?  If it was pigeon poop on  the radio telescopes, I want to know.  If it turns out that’s just a normal signal for a star that  size (about the size  of ours), I want to know.  And if it’s actually TV programming from an alien species which  has already colonized over 200 planets, I sure as hell want to know.
And what ever happened to that guy who walked off with a big box full of money from the back of a truck in New York City.  I don’t remember ever reading about  him getting caught, or turning himself in.  So, if he got away with it, isn’t that a story?  Hell, that would make a good movie.  Any number of them, really, since everything after the incident is just speculation.  In any event, if nothing more is known, then THAT is the story.

Then there is the fraud lawsuit against the DNC, which got almost no press coverage from the beginning, but there’s certainly been  no word for  the last couple  of months, and there’s no excuse for it.  There are obviously no legal grounds to dismiss the case, the  DNC’s argument for that was ridiculous.
So, what I suspect is, the judge is faced with a dilemma.  Rule in  favor of the Becks and  go ahead with a lawsuit that could expose dirty deals on an international scale and possibly murder for hire, destroy the Clintons and many of their sycophants, and change American politics forever, or buckle under to the pressure you know is being put on him (or her) and dismiss the case, with no good reason whatsoever, and leave your judicial reputation forever besmirched.
So, he (or she) is just putting it off as long as possible, hoping everyone will forget.
We’re not forgetting.


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