Tulsi and Bernie

First off, let me say that the whole Tulsi v. Bernie question, as to which should be the progressive party champion in 2020, is a silly  question.  They’re not going  to run  against each other, because neither one of them is about  that.  They believe in most of the same things, and they’re both fighting for them, selflessly.  If he decides to run, she’ll  probably stay out.  And vice versa.

But she’s just scored  a major success, and is looking very  presidential.  I refer to the ban on  providing weapons to Al Qaeda and  ISIS, which she’s been pushing for for a long time and  which Trump has just endorsed.
O.K., that’s two  good things he’s done (this and killing the TPP). I suspect he did the right thing for  the wrong reason – i.e. Putin asked him to. It doesn’t matter.  Without downplaying the absurdity of the rest of his bizarre and already not brief enough administration, let’s give credit where it’s due.

But Tulsi Gabbard deserves the glory.  She got  it done, and  if it meant being on the same side as Trump  on  one issue, so be it.  It got her on TV, and  it’s an accomplishment that will be remembered.

Now, it’s Bernie’s turn at bat.  He’s said he’ll introduce his MedicareforAll bill right after the current shitstorm dies down, and the timing couldn’t be better.  It’s something the Republicans could get behind without suffering loss of face, they will technically be replacing Obamacare so  they can crow  about that all they want and strut around and call  it a win; the rest of America, the 300,000,000, would get health insurance.  Win-Win.

I know it’s MedicareforAll, but I’m going to call  it  Berniecare.



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