Seth Rich, Revisited

A lot of people seem to be talking about Seth Rich.  It’s about damned time, but I’m not exactly sure what anyone is trying to say.

Is there a connection between Imran Awan and Seth Rich?  Well, there was the photo circulating which they said was of Seth Rich and Imran Awan (and a whole bunch of other people) on the day of the night on which Seth Rich was killed, but others are saying that is not Imran Awan in the photo, but that little detail should be easy  to clear up.  Awan is still alive, it shouldn’t be a problem  to ask him, or to check him  against the photograph.

But the photograph wouldn’t prove anything except that they knew each other, and that’s a fairly reasonable assumption, since they both  worked for the Clinton campaign, in D.C., at a fairly high level.

At any rate, I’m glad the case is receiving some attention, even though it might be coming from the wrong sources, and people with twisted agendas.  As long as the case stays open, and people keep asking questions, the better off we all will be.

Meanwhile, it might also be good to ask questions about  John Ashe, Shawn Lucas, Peter Smith, Beranton Whisenant and Klaus Oberwein as well.  So many deaths of otherwise healthy men in such a short time is, statistically, really unlikely.  Unlikely enough to raise suspicions.


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