Weekend Plans

It is hot, it is so hot.  We just went to watch a movie outdoors, it’s a lovely neighborhood thing to do, behind the Czech Radio building next to Kaislerovi Sady.  When I say ‘neighborhood,’ that perhaps is adding an undeserved  diminutive, because they can fill  up all  of the plastic chairs they  put out, and some people just put a blanket on the ground.  Probably close to 300 people, my guess, which is  way more than you’ll find in most cinemas.
But it is after midnight now, we’re at home, the door is open, and I’m still sweating.  Just went out on the balcony to cool down.  It does not feel like rain, but I couldn’t see many stars, either, so maybe.  I hope.

The film was ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife, about the keepers of the Warsaw Zoo, who  hid Jews in the basement under their house and tunnels under the zoo.  It was a well  done movie and based on a true story, so I suppose you  could do worse.  Personally, I hate watching movies about the holocaust and would never watch one willingly, but Helena wanted to see this one.

Tomorrow, we’re heading up to the cottage for the weekend.  Maybe Saturday we’ll take a side trip to Germany.  I’ll take the computer with me so  I  can  continue my  blog and also continue work on my latest poetry book.  I’ll probably get as much done as I would at home.


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