Sunday Bike Ride

Today was a good day.  Not too hot, just about right, didn’t rain – perfect for a bike ride, which is what we did.  Helena wanted to repeat an itinerary we tried last year (I think it was last year, maybe two years ago) but that time we got ridiculously lost and it took us hours and hours to get back to where we  knew where we were, which was still an  hour from home.  This time, we had the kids with us, so even more important to  get it right.

We had a few arguments about which way to go, most of which I lost because nobody trusts my sense of direction, I don’t know  why (yes, I do)  and I don’t know if we took precisely the best route, but we stopped for a while beside a stream and watched two dogs swimming, and had a mini-picnic on the lawn beside a Kaufland, and managed to stay in parkland probably 80% of the way,  and so it was a good route whether or not  it  was precisely the one planned.
Then, at home, accomplished a goal that’s been at the back of my mind for at least a year now, which was to put links to all of my poetry books on my website at  Actually, Helena did that, and it didn’t take her long at all, the reason for the delay is just that I’m a moron who doesn’t know  how to use a computer.
Anyway, they are there, they can all be read for free, and I would urge everybody to check them out.


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