How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea?

So, North Korea fires a missile  right over Japan just to show they can do it, I suppose, which is the international equivalent, I suppose, of the  scene in the movie where somebody  fires a shot into the ceiling  and everybody shuts up.  It’s supposed to cause fear and focus attention.

Meanwhile, large sections of Houston  are still  underwater, fire ants are swarming in a weird congregation, it’s not  a mutation, just an adaptation, but great islands of them are floating along on top of the new waterways, and an alligator sanctuary might flood, so you’ve got alligators and fire ants and a chemical plant leaking toxins into the air, it’s like the first five minutes of an apocalyptic film,  and  the President comes down and says ‘Hey, great crowd, great turnout here’ when he speaks, and his wife is stylishly dressed, all in black but with a brown, leather jacket, sunglasses, and pair of heels as high and narrow as any you’ve ever seen.
So, nobody’s paying any attention to the funny, little, fat man with the square cut haircut.  Go ahead, lob all your missiles into the Pacific.  Hope you don’t hit anybody, but whatevs…
Maybe it’s just as well.  Any action taken re North Korea has a chance to go wrong, it’s just that volatile a situation.  A military  response would anger China, sanctions could backfire on the people, and threats and bluster are just counter-productive.

Especially in view of the fact that Trump tends to get things  wrong far and above what the average person would, maybe inaction  is the  best action, and the best way to  secure inaction is just not to pay attention.
Sorry, Kimbo.  Nobody’s got time to  deal with your nonsense right now.


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