I just wanted to use that headline because I think it’s funny and wanted to get it out of the way  before Miami Beach sinks into the ocean and this shit ain’t funny any more, actually it’s already not, plenty of death and destruction in the Caribbean, but I know people in Florida.
Or, I could have used the title Irmagettinouttahere, because that’s what everybody should have done already, might be too late now if they haven’t.

There’s not too much to say about it, really.  Hurricanes are bad, very destructive, please be careful, blah, blah, blah, so there’s not a lot to say about them unless you want to talk about global warming, and I do.

The people who say ‘It’s all a hoax, this happens every year around this time’ do not seem to be getting the ‘this storm is different’ concept.  What will it take?  Harvey didn’t convince them.  Sandy or Katrina didn’t convince them.  The fact that entire islands in the Pacific have disappeared didn’t convince them.  (in fact, that hasn’t been reported much at all, but I know it’s happened at least once).  No, they’re not going to be convince until a large, and noticeable land mass has slipped into the ocean.

And it’s all so silly.  What they are actually arguing in favor OF is air pollution, and  when you put it like that, nobody can say  it’s a good thing.  But, people love their cars, and can’t even imagine not pumping them full of gasoline, which is what we’re going to need to stop doing if we ever want to reverse this.  Also, we’re going to need to put up a huge number of solar panels.  Roofing every mall parking lot with them would be a nice start, would not displace anybody or damage any pristine, beautiful landscapes.  We need to have wide prairies covered with windmills, which does change the landscape and some may not think they are beautiful, but cows will grass between and among them so they don’t interfere much at all.  We need billions and billions, maybe even trillions of new trees, which sounds like a lot until you divide it  by all the billions of people on Earth and all the treeless  places on Earth where they could be placed, and the side benefit is a boom in fruits and nuts.  We need high speed, electric powered trains, which are really cool as well as  making it quicker, easier, and safer to get from point to point.
And we need it all right now.


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