Beck v. DNC, Round Two

It hasn’t got a lot of press.  That could be because CNN (and presumably every other American network but they’re the only ones we get here in Prague) is just talking about Irma, Irma, Irma all the time.  If Jimmy Hoffa suddenly walked into  a bar in Chicago or North Korea was suddenly abducted by aliens, the networks wouldn’t be able to cover it because all their reporters are in Florida.
Or, it could be because the main stream media is deliberately downplaying the event, which wouldn’t be a surprise.  They barely covered it the first time.

In either case, it sure grabbed my attention.  Beck v. DNC, aka Berniecrats v. The Machine, aka the 99% v. the 1 %, aka Good Guys v. Bad Guys, is being appealed.  Of course it should be.  Its peremptory dismissal by Judge Zloch, whose name sounds like an evil warlord from a distant galaxy, was on  the grounds that “We know they’re guilty, but we’re going to let them get away with it.”

That was also, of course, the DNC’s defense.  “Doesn’t matter if we did  it, we can screw the people any way we want to, we are under no obligation to run a fair primary or give the voters anything they want, because who the hell are they, anyway, none of those darned 99%ers ever buy tickets to our $5,000 a plate fundraisers, so screw them.”
Their actual choice of the words “cigars in back rooms” was perhaps doubly unfortunate due to Mrs. Clinton’s husband’s prior experience with cigars in back rooms, but that’s another story.

The thing is, the case is on again.  I hope the press decides to sit up and take notice this time around, but I’m not holding my breath.  It’s up to us to spread the word.


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