What Should We Talk About?

As Hillary carries on with her current job, which is sitting at Barnes and Noble and autographing copies of her  nasty, pathetic, vindictive, whiny book, my Facebook feed  is  filled  with people criticizing her (like me) and other people saying “Why are you still talking about  Hillary, why can’t you just drop it?”
Well, one reason we can’t drop it is because she’s slandering the person who we’d like to be the Democratic nominee in 2020.  Yes, slandering.  It’s malicious and untrue to compare universal health care and free college tuition to ‘buying America a pony.’  Sanders was always clear and specific about the scope, and the limitations, of his programs, as well as how to pay for them.  It’s not ‘free stuff.’  It’s allocating tax revenues in a way that actually benefits the American people.
But, beyond that, there’s no reason for people to stop talking about it.  The internet is vast.   It contains multitudes.  That is the beauty of the internet.  We can talk about global warming, and the  genocide taking place in Burma, and the probability of extra-terrestrial intelligence, and Jim Carrey’s interview at a fashion show, and the potential of marijuana as a medicament, and music, and art, and sports, and pets, and kids and the proper way to raise them, and films, and still have plenty of space left over.
It’s as infinite as the night sky.  So, if you’re not interested in discussing a particular topic, keep on scrolling.  If you disagree with something someone said, feel free to reply.  Eventually, through all the hubbub and babble, ideas may be reshaped, new concepts may evolve, and we may actually figure out how to live together in a clean and sustainable environment.  Maybe not, but there’s certainly no need to limit the conversation.

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