Bernie’s Bill

The United States will eventually have some form of universal health care because the large and still growing majority  of the American people want it, it works  in every  country where it exists, which is  all of the developed ones at least and, despite what the insurance companies and their hired minions say, there is no downside.
Also because Bernie Sanders won in the 2016 primary election.  It wasn’t immediately obvious, and the DNC went ahead with their planned coronation, but Bernie won.  His supporters are still engaged, and energized, while Hillary’s supporters – well, I  guess some of them are still engaged, but they are few in number and dwindling in influence, as Hillary continues to make bizarre and ridiculous statements, like comparing herself to Cersei Lannister, and saying that she lost because so  many women were told who to vote for by their husbands or boyfriends.
When Corey Booker opposed Bernie’s amendment to lower drug prices, the sheer amount of scorn and ridicule he got on Twitter probably ended his political career.  Now, he’s backing Medicare for All, and playing damage control.  When Nancy Pelosi said that Health Care was not a litmus test, 10 million people, as one, said “The hell it ain’t” and it proved to be a reverse self-fulfilling prophecy.
That is a change.  Now, people are keeping lists.  Now, people are taking names.  This isn’t some vague, maybe-everybody-will-forget-about-it-by-the-next-election litmus test.  This is a test, a must pass to graduate test.  Anyone who  opposes single payer health care will have a rabid, and numerous bloc of people ready  to vote against them the next time they are running.
And there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it.


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