Trump v. NFL

There’s what you mean and there’s what you  say and then there’s what it sounds like.  Most of us, in our everyday lives, are cognizant of that fact  and  go to  great lengths not to  say  anything offensive.  Then we apologize like crazy if we accidentally do.  Most people in public life, even more so.  You know, like  when they get an actor on a talk  show and they say “What was it  like  to work with _______?”  They never say “Oh my  fucking God, he was the biggest asshole I’ve ever met in my life” even though the law of averages states that that must, at least on some occasions, be true.
Donald Trump, however, is not like that.  He has no filter, and sometimes things come out sounding a bit off.  When he called  Mexicans rapists, he didn’t mean ALL Mexicans, presumably.  Likewise, in his comments earlier today, he didn’t say ALL NFL players were sons of bitches.  Just any of those who expressed their personal opinions, any  of those who object to the fact that police are murdering black people at a steadier pace than they are solving any crimes, and Colin Kaepernick in particular.
His fans will be supportive.  But, in another way, the statement reveals Trump’s extreme disconnectedness with American culture.  He suggested that  if any fans saw any players not standing for the national anthem, they should just turn and walk right out of the stadium.  Does he have any idea how much NFL tickets cost?
To tell you the truth, I don’t either, but I know  it’s a lot and I know that somebody who’s shelled out good money for a pair of them is not likely to turn around and leave before the  game begins just to make a political point.  People come to a football game to  watch a football game, not to dither over the national anthem.
Maybe, on the other hand, Trump does know how much NFL tickets cost, and just doesn’t think it’s a lot.  Because, you know, he’s really, really rich.  And an asshole.


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