No Bottom

I’ve been wrong about Trump many times.  I thought he’d torpedoed his campaign right out of the gate with his  Mexican rapists remark, but no.  I thought  making fun of the handicapped reporter would  sink him for sure, even the most hideous right winger surely must realize  how offensive that was, but  no.  Then there was the pussy grabbing comment and I  thought there was no  way any self respecting female could back him after that, but plenty of women  continued to back him.

Now this.  Tweeting, from the golf  course, that the Mayor of San Juan is a horrible mayor and isn’t doing enough to fix the  problem, when the power  is  out, roads and  bridges  have been destroyed, many regions are still flooded, people across the island are hungry, having a hard time finding clean water to drink, and a large number of them are homeless, while he’s actually guilty of obstructing the  relief effort…well, surely this  must be enough to turn people against him.

No.   I see people on  my Facebook feed still supporting him.  This is depressing.
This is absolutely not excusable.  This is not just walking past a homeless person, dismissive and condescending like.  This is stopping to spit on them.  This is the high school  gym coach who makes the fat kid do push ups, then puts his foot on their back and laughs at them.  This is not just driving by a traffic accident and not stopping.  This is  stopping and yelling at  the ambulance drivers for blocking traffic.
This is absolutely monstrous and anybody who still supports him is a piece of shit, too.


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