October 9th and, No, I’m not Going to Talk About Columbus Day

Just a few  small observations.

Donald Trump makes a joke about people pronouncing Puerto Rico  as Poo air toe Rico, which is actually the correct pronunciation.  He’s not  just being offensive to Puerto Ricans (he has allowed the temporary  waiver of the  Jones Act to lapse, btw, once  again making it  difficult for any other country to offer assistance), but he’s also mocking anybody who uses  the correct pronunciation.  Darned smart people.  Always have to be showing off how  they can talk correctly  and shit.

Dianne Feinstein is running for re-election.  She does not support medicare for all, and her main  accomplishment as Senator has been to steer huge government building contracts to her husband’s company.  She will have a Berniecrat opponent in the primary, a man named David Hildebrand.  It’s not going to be easy  for him, because DiFi is about as entrenched in the DNC establishment as it’s possible to be, has access to insane amounts of money, and, being a part of the Democratic party’s power structure, you know she is prepared  to cheat.  I wish David Hildebrand all  the  luck  in the world.  One bright spot, in any event:  she is 84, so the argument (which you know they are going to use if Bernie runs in 2020) that Bernie is too old will not have any credibility at all.

There’s a show I  watch sometimes called “Invent it Rich.”  I know  there’s another show in  the same genre called “Shark Tank” but we don’t get it over here so I  haven’t ever seen  full episodes.  Anyway, the other day they had a couple  of teenagers who’d invented a prosthetic arm which could be controlled  by  clenching muscles, a firefighting robot, and a jogging shirt which  changes  color according  to which  muscles you’re using  the most.  Once the investor made his decision,  I realized what is wrong with this  program and what is wrong  with our society in general.  Admittedly, robo-fireman didn’t  work really well.  Prosthetic arm, though, was a huge  step  forward in prosthetic arms.  But,  he went for  the  jogging  shirt, because that was  the one  he could make quick  money  on.  Which is, I  suppose, the premise of  the  show.
But wouldn’t it be nice to have a show  like  that  but  where the criteria was “which product can best serve  mankind.”  That’s one  I’d  like  to watch.


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