Thought for the Day

We exist on three levels.  Each of these levels has its own rules and characteristics, but each affects the other two in different, and significant ways.   They all exist in  the same time, and two of them share, often uncomfortably, the same space.
The first level is the real, physical world, the water we drink and the air we breathe, the environment in which  we evolved.  The trees, the plants, the animals, the food we eat.  It is the first because it came first chronologically  and, without it, the other two would not exist.

The second is the world of human beings, society, civilization.  It is houses and cities and cars and TV and mobile phones.  Most people spend most of their time at this level and that’s understandable.  We are human and the most important thing to us is to interact with, and be approved of by, other human beings.
People who spend most of their time at level one, like Bear Grills or Cody Lundeen, are entertaining to watch on TV and, if you know somebody  like that, they’d be the first person you’d invite on a camping trip.  In the unfortunate event of the Earth getting hit by an asteroid, you’d definitely want to  have them close by.  However, they really are a tiny minority.
Level three is what Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky and French philosopher Pierre Teihard de Cardin called the noosphere.  It is the world of words, the world of ideas.  Like level one, there are few people who spend most of their time there.  Some artists and dreamers are quite familiar with the place but anyone who spends too much time there finds it difficult to return to level two, and you need to pop back in  now and again for  a sandwich, at least.

Level three is the least essential, but the most interesting.  It contains the blueprints for the future of existences  1 and 2 just as certainly as the fruit contains the  seeds of its next iteration.  Without it, we are nothing more than animals who wear clothes and live in houses.

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