Flynn, Flynn, and so it Begins

Well, maybe it’s the start of something bigger.  A lot of people sure seem to think so, that  seems to be at least the direction things are moving (distance  is harder to gauge), and it’s sure what I’d  like to see happen.

It was bad enough a monster like George W. Bush didn’t get impeached.  If Trump is allowed to finish his term, then can there ever be an impeachment?
So, who knows.  Flynn has pleaded guilty to lying  to the FBI, when he said he never arranged any meetings between Trump and ‘the Russians.’  The reason I’ve put that in quotes  is because it is of interest just which Russians he was meeting with, and why.  Was he looking for dirt on Hillary, or just looking to launder  some Russian money with some more hotels.  Would he have been  conducting personal  business  in the middle of a presidential campaign?  Sure.  He’s still conducting personal business.  It’s like he  doesn’t care about being president, and perhaps never did.   I’m not  convinced he was even trying to win.

The immediate question, though, is just  how  much he will  give up in return for  an easier (or no) prison time.  If he’s actually going to implicate Trump, as I have heard  plenty of people crowing about, but I suspect that’s political wishful thinking.
On the other hand, the slow march is pleasing to  watch, too, and may even be more satisfying in the end.  I would love to see  Kushner behind bars.

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