An Ordinary Day

I have no particular topic tonight.  There is nothing Trump (or Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, his shameless apologist) can do or say that surprises anybody.  We have a nearly retarded president and it’s completely normal.
Of course, some Democrats are saying that he should  resign over his sexual offenses, but that’s not  going to happen.  They have absolutely zero influence on  him.  Apparently, they can force a Democratic Senator to resign, but anybody  who thought that was going to have an intimidating effect on Republicans is living an  illusion.
It was not a bad day of teaching, although it started off with an hour of screaming at the second graders.  That class is getting worse instead of better.  I had an extremely simple lesson planned.  Give me the _____.  It’s a key  phrase, and once you learn it, you can build thousands of English sentences just by filling in the blank.  It was not a great  success.  What I  discovered was that a lot of the kids, including  one I’d thought was reasonably bright, don’t know any English at all and can’t  grasp even the basics, even when I explain them, slowly and specifically, in Czech.

Tomorrow I have to go to the foreign police to renew my permanent residency.  It was valid for 15 years, so the  fact  that I’m renewing it two weeks after it expired is  entirely my  own fault.  Hope  there are  no  complications.

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