Moore No More

Yes, it is a good day and we can all  heave a huge sigh of relief that Roy Moore is not going to be a United States Senator.  It is also  good news that Doug Jones will  be, although we don’t know much about him.  He’s likely to vote against Trump’s so-called tax plan, which isn’t really a tax plan at all, but a bill that says ‘money belongs to rich people, and the rest of you are shit out of luck.’  So, that’s a good thing.

But, I’m reading from a lot of Democrats that this is a sign that the tide has turned, that we’ve reached bottom and begun the long climb out, that Moore’s loss (and it is much more Moore’s loss than Jones’ win) is a sign that Democrats will win  big in  2018.  I wish that were so, but it’s not.

First, the Democrats would have to make sure that ALL of their opponents are child molesters, at the very least.  Remember, that was  only enough to BARELY win  the seat.
Secondly, they would have to reunite the party and they are fighting against that tooth and nail.  It’s not that they’ve failed to learn  the lesson of 2016.  They aren’t that  stupid.  It’s that they have REFUSED to learn  the lesson of 2016.

And there are two reasons for that.  First, that truly learning the lesson would mean they’d have to relinquish the iron grip on power they have.  Actually, they’ve doubled down so  hard and so often, it would just mean they’d have to step aside, and modern politicians don’t do that, even if they’ve been fooling around with 14 year old girls.  (Franken is a wimp.  Republicans just say ‘No, I  ain’t standing down’ and they get away  with it, often as not)

Second, it would mean doing without all that sweet, sweet corporate cash.

Now, admittedly, that’s going to be a problem for Berniecrats.  Not every candidate is going to be able to raise funds like he did.  Also, people have a limit.  After a certain point, the average individual just doesn’t have any money to give to politicians.

So, the Democrats (if they turn against the corporations, which they must.  The corporations already own one party, and that’s enough) will  have to be a bit more creative, will have to find ways to generate publicity and win without money.

First, they should have  about 30 or 40 debates, the way that Republicans do.  That’s free coverage, and Hillary Clinton just threw it away because  she knew it would  favor Sanders and, in fact, any candidate who wasn’t her.  But, she’s not involved any more and so  there’s no reason  not to.

Open the party up, instead of actually  discouraging people from registering as Democrats by scrubbing them from the rolls, or  giving them a ‘provisional’ ballot, which they then turn around  and don’t count.

Campaign hard on  questions people really care about.  You know the  ones.  Bernie talked about  them all  the time.


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